Basin Angus Ranch


The Basin Angus Ranch is located in Central Montana’s Judith Basin, two miles east of the community of Hobson along US highway 87 with a large portion of the ranch in this immediate area along the Ross Fork and Judith River drainages.
Lewistown, with a population of 6500, is the economic hub of central Montana and lies twenty miles to the east. Billings is 130 miles to the southeast and Great Falls is 90 miles to the northwest, both are served by a number of commercial airlines.

General Operation:

The Basin Angus Ranch has established itself as one of the premier Angus operations in existence today with land and facilities to support one of the nations’ largest registered Angus cow herds. Cows are traditionally calved during the late winter months of January through March with the entire cow herd being worked through the calving facility near the north end of the ranch and taken to various breeding locations from there. Most of the cow herd is handled through an A.I. breeding program in the spring before being summered in small breeding groups where Basins’ young herd sires are proven.
The fertile soils and extensive water resources at Basin produce an immense amount of feed and the
crew spends most of the summer months putting up hay and harvesting crops. Hay and silage are stored
at the two feedlot facilities in strategic locations around the ranch to be fed during the winter months.
The Basin calf crop is weaned beginning in September, the bull calves go to the bull development
center to be gain tested and readied for one of the ranches two annual production sales while the heifer
calves are wintered at the heifer development center at the nearby Ross Fork unit.


When talk turns to top producing ranches in the state of Montana, the Basin Angus Ranch has to be considered one of the elite. Its many acres of irrigated land, productive farm ground, improved pastures and well managed native range with second to none water resources allows for stocking rates and feed production that most ranchers dream about. Well over two thirds
of the deeded land on Basin has been tilled and returned to improved pasture or is being farmed for grain and feed production. the Judith Basin of Montana has a reputation for some of Montana’s most productive farm ground, and Basin has some of the area’s best. The Basin Angus Ranch sells with 85 water rights which may give the next owner the ability to increase its production and amount of stored water.

Ranch Files:

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