Jess Johnson Broker

Jess Johnson brings his exceptional work ethic, customer focus, and attention to detail as a Broker at Premier Intermountain Properties. Jess joined Premier in November 2015, after a 5 year stint in the oil and gas industry. In his role … Continued

Bryan Anderson Broker

Bryan Anderson joined Premier Intermountain Properties in 2006, and knows only too well the importance of respecting the land, and those who have come before to settle and develop it. He was born into one of the founding First Families … Continued
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John Goggins

John Goggins has been licensed in Real Estate since the mid-90’s, and has been a Broker since 2007. John has worked closely with various family operations all of his life, and still lives on the families registered Angus operation, theVermilion … Continued
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Roger Jacobs

Roger Jacobs has been a licensed auctioneer since 1975 and a licensed real estate professional since 1985, when he joined Pat Pat Land Company which was later named Premier Intermountain Properties. Roger was born and raised on a farm/ranch in … Continued
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Wayne Wilcox

Wayne was born into a long time ranching family on a ranch north of Columbus, Montana. Wayne’s family has been ranching and farming in South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana since the early 1900’s. Wayne grew up in Forsyth, Montana … Continued
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